Details of Various Projects

Servers and Network equipment installation in Oil City.

  • 48 client network connections
  • 2 redundant fileservers
  • 2 redundant application servers
  • RAID 5 redundant file storage on all servers with hot-swappable hard drives for high level availability.

The Scrolling Print Edition Viewer

  • Integrates with paywall to provide secure access for subscribers to view the latest PDF version of the printed paper.

Schiffer’s D&R Glass Website

  • Custom Logo’s and Graphics
  • Google Map on Contact page.

  • Users can signup for an email list which delivers the new items to their email inbox.
  • Google Ads Enabled generating revenue.

  • Google Ads enabled generating revenue.
  • Based on the WordPress framework.
  • Additional JavaScript for special features including a map of all the places written about.

Blog items are pulled from other sites using a combination of Perl web tools and JavaScript, then formatted with JavaScript to improve appearance and browsing functionality.

A website for me to share computer and coding themed items.

  • Covers three programming languages that are popular at the time: Kotlin, Perl, and Python as well as the database Firebase.

  • WordPress Installation created for a local news outlet publishing in Venango county.
  • Google Ads Enabled generating revenue.

PA Pride CDL Training @ The Cranberry Mall

  • Created various high resolution flyers.